Flambeau IKE Quotient IQ Series 142-IQ Large Double Deep Utility Box


Flambeau IKE Quotient IQ Series 142-IQ Large Double Deep Utility Box

Designed specifically to house the heavy jig-based bass setups used by the pros, the Flambeau® IKE Quotient IQ Series is the intelligent tackle storage solution for serious anglers.

The unique removable and modular Zerust® compartments make your organization and re-organization possibilities endless. Zerust-infused plastics emit an odorless, harmless vapor in a contained area to naturally form a protective layer around exposed, clean metal surfaces to prevent oxidation-reduction and stop rust and corrosion.

  • Co-engineered by Mike IKE Iaconelli
  • High capacity footprint designed to withstand heavy jig-based loads
  • Interchangeable compartment tray cups for quickly reconfiguring in-box organization or swapping from box to box
  • Zerust infused tray cups for anti-rust and corrosion protection
  • Lid and base guides keep remaining tray cups in place when one or more removed - allows for customizable bulk storage options
  • Fits most soft baits in original packaging
  • Heavy-duty, built-in handle
  • Stackable
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Over the years, Flambeau® Outdoors has created a turnkey internal product development capability that has enabled them to control every aspect of their development process from conceptual design to manufactured products. Through that process, they create a leading brand of decoy. Flambeau is the only major decoy brand that makes its own decoys in its own plant in North America.

Today, Flambeau products span every major hunting segment including waterfowl, deer, turkey, upland game, and predator. Within these segments, the Flambeau name is known by consumers for providing top-quality products with meaningful innovations. They uniquely combines decoys, game calls, accessories, game feeding, and weapons storage products and can provide you with the gear for every species and every season.

Flambeau Outdoors - Realism that gets results.
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Flambeau IKE Quotient IQ Series 142-IQ Large Double Deep Utility Box

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16.5"L x 13.1875"W x 4.625"D
Blue / Grey
8 Zerust cups
Utility box
16.5"L x 13.1875"W x 4.625"D Customizable Blue / Grey $29.99