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Nomad Design Dartwing 165mm Saltwater Floating Lure

The Dartwing concept was created to mimic skipping bait fish, allow super long casts and entice any predatory fish to strike. Representing the ultimate surface skipping popper, the Dartwing’s unique wing shaped head design makes the lure dart erratically from side-to-side when wound across the surface, looking like a scared or injured bait fish.

​It can be worked with a fast retrieve and with a twitching rod tip action to make the lure bounce across the surface to create maximum surface disturbance and side-to-side action. It can also be worked slow with a side-to-side twitching action that mimics either a fleeing shrimp or slender bait fish.​

  • Super long casting lure
  • HD ABS construction
  • Wings cause side-to-side darting action and body roll on straight retrieve
  • Gorilla Through Wire advanced design technology
  • Hook: 4/0 BKK inline single
  • Suggested use:  Tuna, king mackerel, wahoo, mahi mahi, bluefish, stripers, cubera snapper and any surface feeding predatory fish
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After more than 15 years of watching and studying lures while operating Nomad Sportfishing Adventures charter operation, Damon Olsen and the Nomad Design® Team have crafted a range of unique and innovative lures and tackle.

Nomad Design - Crafted by Experience
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Fireball Red Head Length: 6-1/2" Weight: 1.3 oz. Saltwater $22.99


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Silver Green Mackerel Length: 6-1/2" Weight: 1.3 oz. Saltwater $22.99


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Sardine Length: 6-1/2" Weight: 1.3 oz. Saltwater $22.99