Lunker City Fin-S Fish Lure - 5 Pk.


Lunker City Fin-S Fish Lure - 5 Pk.

If any artificial lure can mimic a baitfish better than the original Slug-Go®, it's got to be the Fin-S Fish®, with its thinner, deeper-bodied profile and forked tail.

Fish it on an offset-shank hook (soft-stick-style) unweighted or with a BellyWeight™ or Insert Weight™ to take its dying-baitfish action deeper into the fish's world.
  • Package of five
  • Use it on a Carolina or split shot rig
  • Clip nose off the Fin-S Fish and rig it on a  Fin-S LunkerGrip™ jig head
  • Made in USA
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