13 Fishing Archangel Special Edition 27 Ice Rod


13 Fishing Archangel Special Edition 27" Ice Rod

From the tip guide to the exact number of thread wraps, every millimeter of the Archangel carbon forged ice rod has been painstakingly analyzed, designed and obsessed about, resulting in one of the finest ice fishing rods in existence.

13 Fishing's® proprietary CNC molding technique directly applies heat and pressure to merge the blank and handle into one continuous monocoque body. This unique carbon forging process produces unmatched sensitivity that cannot be compared to any other fishing rod on the market.

  • One-piece ice fishing rod
  • Carbon forged construction
  • HALO (Hypersensitive Advanced Layer Optimization) creates incredible strength and feel
  • PC2 (Parallel Composite Construction) creates flat tip for unprecedented bite detection
  • High visibility tip
  • Alps™ Double Diamond coated guides
  • Evolve Foxhole™ hook keeper
  • Power: Mag Light
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13 Fishing®, a tackle manufacturer committed to developing cutting edge products, is a brand founded on the most important principle of fishing - the angler.
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13 Fishing Archangel Special Edition 27" Ice Rod

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