Lunker City Spanky Lure - 8 Pk. zoom in


Lunker City Spanky Lure - 8 Pk.

Designed from the ground up to be the ultimate wacky rig worm, the Spanky® is now made with a special plastic formula loaded with the heaviest salt concentration in the industry!

The basic wacky rig is as simple as slipping a hook through the lure, right in the middle. That's why the bulb is located where it is on the Spanky. Just cast it near a dock, a stump, the edge of a weed bed, or some other likely bass holding cover, and let it sink naturally. Give it a gentle twitch or two as it sinks to alternately flex the lure in the middle and let it straighten itself out. With its bulbous ends and exclusive center-flex design, the Spanky maximizes the typical wacky worm U-action. If the lure reaches bottom unmolested by a bass or other predator, let it sit for a few moments before twitching it back to life.
  • Use Lunker City's® Insert Weight® or Wacky Weight® to give it a diving action
  • BellyWeight can be added to the shank of the hook, or a plain jig head can be substituted for the unweighted hook to provide the opposite action
  • Rig the lure standard wacky style, and crimp a split shot to the line, a few inches to a few feet from the hook to take the standard wacky rig action deeper
  • Rig it wacky style on a drop shot rig to make the lure flex in place
  • Rig it on a conventional worm, either Texposed or Texas style.
  • Lunker City's Texposer® hook recommended for conventional rigging
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What started in a small garage hand-pouring a lure called the Slug-Go, has turned into 35+ years of providing anglers around the world with original lure designs and colors at a reasonable price while maximizing value.
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