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Cheeky Fishing Tyro Triple Play Fly Reel and Spool Bundle

$229.00 - $269.00

Change your fly fishing game with the versatility of more spare spools. Load one with floating line, another with sink tip, and keep a third handy to to be prepared when the fish change feeding patterns. The Tyro Triple Play fly reel and spool bundle gives you the options you need for a an epic day on the water. 

The Triple Play comes with one Tyro fly reel, two spare spools and the Fishpond® Sweetwater Reel Case - all for one great price!

  • One reel, two spools and Fishpond case
  • Freshwater and saltwater use
  • Rev carbon drag system
  • Lightweight design 
  • B2 channel
  • Quick change spool
  • Simple L/R retrieve conversion
  • Silent retrieve
  • Targeted species (300): Trout, grayling, bluegill
  • Targeted species (350): Large trout, bass, small salmon
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More than a decade ago, Cheeky Fishing® decided on another way to make fly fishing reels. They were sick of seeing overpriced and uninspired gear, so they focused on fun and lowering the barriers for all people to fall in love with fly fishing. Cheeky brought vibrant color, sleek design, and the smoothest drag on the planet to fly reels, and didn’t stop there… Cheeky is now a leader in durable, high-performance fly fishing products that provide smart, wallet-friendly solutions for all anglers.

The company also started the Cheeky Schoolie Tournament — a conservation-based fly fishing tournament held annually on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Now more than a decade old, it is the largest fly fishing tournament on the planet. This catch-photo-and-release tournament has become a force in striped bass conservation with all the proceeds going to its conservation partners.

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Description Line weight Diameter Color Price  

C-TYR-300-TBO - Size 300

More Info
2-4 wt. 3" Black / Orange $229.00

C-TYR-350-TBO - Size 350

More Info
5-6 wt. 3.5" Black / Orange $249.00

C-TYR-375-TBO - Size 375

More Info
7-8 wt. 3.75" (reel) Black / Orange $269.00