Fulling Mill New Age Bugger Fly Selection - 6 Pk. zoom in


Fulling Mill New Age Bugger Fly Selection - 6 Pk.

Selections are carefully chosen by the folks at Fulling Mill® based on the flies they use themselves. The selections are great for beginners thru advanced fly fishers.

  • Wing post: TMC Aero Dry Wing sourced from Japan to make fly super buoyant and highly visible
  • Body: Premium quality dry fly dubbing sourced from USA
  • Braid: Carp braid sourced from UK for super secure link between hook and micro ring
  • Micro ring:  Extra strong 2mm stainless steel micro ring sourced from UK
  • Hackle: Best possible quality genetic grizzle hackle sourced from USA
  • Thorax: High quality Peacock Ice Dub sourced from USA
  • Thread: Best possible tying silk source from Germany
  • Hook: Premium quality hook sourced from Japan
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Every Fulling Mill® fly is a little work of art.

To maintain their enviable reputation for complete quality, they leave nothing to chance. Only the finest materials and strongest hooks are used in the assembly process. Since they never out-source any of their production, they are able to insist on the very highest quality control standards.

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