Roemer Downrigger Release


Roemer Downrigger Release

The Roemer Release® was developed to meet the many demanding functions required for successful fishing with downriggers and outriggers. The outstanding features most often commented on are its simplicity, dependability and stacking ability.  
  • Does not damage or twist line
  • Allows lure to be trolled any distance from release with easy distance change capabilities
  • Has simple attachment anywhere on the downrigger cable
  • Handles various test weights of fishing lines
  • Adjustable tension settings for different lure combinations such as dodger, flasher, and plug combinations used in salmon and trout fishing
  • Endures adverse conditions such as saltwater, large lures and faster trolling speeds
  • Adjustable even for small flutter spoons
  • Release the lure from boat any time you want
  • Any number of Roemer Releases can be used on a single cable
  • Color: Black
  • Made in USA
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Roemer Release® LLC began business in 1979 and was founded by Leonard J. Roemer, a machinist by trade, a fisherman at heart.

Len had been in the Florida Keys on a vacation and caught a 98 lb. tarpon on a heavy-duty bass rod that he had recently purchased. Upon returning home to Rochester NY, Len resumed fishing weekends. Trout and salmon fishing was in its infancy at the time in Lake Ontario and Len thought he would give it a try. He purchased a downrigger and release, and set out on the Salmon River.  The release malfunctioned and broke his new rod.

He immediately went to work designing and building the very first Roemer Release. After 3-1/2 years of development and over 2 years of testing by veteran fishing guilds of Henderson Harbor NY, the Roemer Release was officially introduced to the public. Since then, it has undergone several design improvements and is favored by most fisherman that have tried it.
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Roemer Downrigger Release

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