MarCum M1 Flasher 3-Color Sonar Ice System


MarCum M1 Flasher 3-Color Sonar Ice System

The most advanced flasher-sonars ever built, the MarCum® M Series offers brushless, dead-quiet operation with dazzling bright and crisp color definition of the bottom, fish, baitfish and your lure - all illuminated on the highest resolution display available in a commercial grade flasher. 

With advanced features like split screen zoom, patented interference rejection and 1000 watts of expertly managed output power you’ll always know if you’re angling for a school of bait fish or the catch of the day. 

  • TrueColor MBC brushless lighting display
  • 1000 watts peak to peak output power
  • 20 degree ice transducer
  • Infinitely adjustable zoom
  • Patented multiple step interference rejection
  • Split screen 5' bottom lock zoom
  • Target separation: 3/4"
  • Selectable depth ranges: 20, 40, 80, 160 ft.
  • Manufacturer's two-year system warranty
  • Made in USA with quality components sourced around the world


  • 8 ft. transducer cable
  • Rechargeable 12-volt 7-amp battery
  • 3-stage automatic battery charger
  • Deluxe padded red soft pack
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MarCum M1 Flasher 3-Color Sonar Ice System

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Maximum depth:
160 ft.
Peak to peak power:
1000 watts
Ice fishing find finder
20 degree ice transducer
160 ft. Plastic 1000 watts $399.99