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Eureka Fiberglass Tent Pole Repair / Replacement Kit

$18.95 - $22.95

Each kit contains four hollow fiberglass pole sections with a metal ferrule on one end, shockcord, wire leader, two vinyl end caps and instructions.

The kits can be used to repair or replace any tent frame with fiberglass poles in the following diameters:

7.9mm or 5/16":

  • Fits Cascade 4 & 6 canopy poles, Dome 2, Tetragon 5, Wind River 2

9.5mm or 3/8":

  • Fits Apex 3 and 3XT, Blue Mesa 1610 eave poles, Cabin Creek 8, Cascade 4 and 6 main poles, Sunrise 8, Tetragon 1610 side eave poles, Wind River 6, Dome 6

11mm or 7/16":

  • Fits Apex 4XT, Cabin Creek 9, Sunrise 9, Tetragon 9 and  10, Tetragon 1610 main poles
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Started over 100 years ago, Eureka!® boasts a long and fascinating history. From its roots in Binghamton, NY, the company has provided wagon covers to turn-of-the-century frontiersmen, mobile home awnings to returning WWII GIs, and tents to expedition teams traversing Mt. Everest.

As the years passed, the company's main focus turned to its always well-received tents. In the 1960s, Eureka! introduced the Draw-Tite® tent; in the 1970s, the Timberline®; and today, its N!ergy with E! Power® Tent.

By employing technology such as StormShield® construction, utilizing over 100 years of experience, and manufacturing tents for a wide range of uses and environments, Eureka, a division of Johnson Outdoors®, can offer you a quality product to meet your specific camping need.

Eureka  - Made To Meet The Challenge®
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2661979 - 7.9mm

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2661981 - 9.5mm

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