Welliver Carved Bear Bluebird Birdhouse


Welliver Carved Bear Bluebird Birdhouse

Designed with a 1-1/2" entrance hole, this carved Welliver® birdhouse is attractive to the eastern bluebird and discourages unwanted species.

  • Durable cedar construction
  • Decorative carved bear face design
  • Rust-resistant screws
  • Turn-tab closure on front for easy cleaning
  • Pole or flush mount
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Welliver Outdoors® is a family-owned and run company located in Hershey, PA.

The company was named after the family matriarch, Esther (Mimi) Welliver Dougherty. Mimi loved birds, from hummingbirds at her kitchen window to songbirds that visited the feeders around the patio. She even welcomed jays and squirrels to her feeders, as they scattered seed on the ground for all the other birds. It's in this spirit that the folks at Welliver Outdoors strive to provide quality homes and feeders for feathered friends.
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Welliver Carved Bear Bluebird Birdhouse

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