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QuackUps 5.5" Hummingbird Home

To use QuackUps™ Hummingbird Home™, position in a comfortable resting place. Clip it to a firm tree branch or bush, ideally above 4 ft. When you hear the buzz of a humminbird at the bush or tree, it's likely building a nest.

  • Nesting fibers enclosed in red flower
  • Designed for easy nest adhesion; blends in with nature
  • Easily clips onto a branch
  • Comes with nesting fibers to help in nest-bilding
  • Removable brown cotton cap to refill the fiber
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At QuackUps™, they're committed to helping save the mystical, magical, tiny but mighty hummingbird! QuackUps passionately advocates for providing Hummingbird Homes - nesting essentials for accessible nest building and raising their young - and a bubbler fountain for their source of water and bath.
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