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Fashion Pet Arctic Fleece Dog Boots Set

Protect your best friend's paws from the cold, ice and hot pavement with the Fashion Pet® Arctic Fleece Boot™. 

  • Set of four dog boots
  • 100% polyester
  • Soft fleece boots secure with easy on and off Velcro® strap
  • Non-skip PVC soles
  • Machine wash in cold water, air dry
  • Color: Black 
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Ethical Products® markets their pet merchandise under several brands, including Fashion Pet®. Their products include dog and cat toys, dishes, waste management products and other dog and cat accessories.
Description Material Price  

505209 - XS (Sheltie, Miniature Schnzuzer, Miniamture Poodle)

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Polyester $8.99

505210 - Small (Beagle, Westhighland Terrier)

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Polyester $8.99

505211 - Medium (Dalmation, Border Collie)

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Polyester $8.99

505212 - Large (German Shepherd, Golden Retriever)

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Polyester $8.99