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Pedro's Tire Levers - 1 Pair

The tire lever, though seemingly one of the simplest and most basic of cycling tools, is one commonly used by almost every cyclist, and unfortunately, one often responsible for unnecessary frustration!

Pedro's® award winning, universally loved tire levers feature molded box construction and a proprietary plastic composite blend that makes them the strongest levers available. The unique chisel tip shape easily inserts beneath the tire bead, and the slightly thicker shape keeps the lever securely in place. The bold shape of the lever makes it easy to remove the tightest of tires, without bending or breaking.

  • Set of 2
  • Color: Bright Yellow
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In 1989, roommates Bruce Fina and Andrew Herrick founded the Pedro’s® brand around Syn Lube, a revolutionary chain lube developed by Bruce’s tribologist brother.

Friends of Bruce and Andrew’s were living and racing mountain bikes in the Pacific Northwest and couldn’t find a lube that would last an entire race in the muddy conditions. The other Teflon®-based chain lubes couldn’t handle the mud and Syn Lube quickly became the lube of choice. Once the mountain bikers tried Syn Lube and experienced its performance, word spread, demand skyrocketed and the Pedro’s brand was officially off to the races.
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