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CAMP MIX Breakfast Seasoning

Honey-Cinnamon CAMP MIX®:

  • Don't be shy about giving this one a try on buttered toast, pancakes and waffles, on hot or cold cereal, as well as in your coffee or tea.
  • It is a mouthwatering blend of brown sugar, honey solids and cinnamon. You can use it as a dessert topping, too!
  • It's great on or in apple pies, on top of fruits, or a special favorite - on top of vanilla ice cream
This mouthwatering blend was created so you can have a taste of maple syrup on whatever you like.

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CAMP MIX is a Specialty Food Producer and their focus is on seasonings - very unique ALL-IN-ONE seasonings.

Like many small business enterprises, CAMP MIX was born by a wonderful set of circumstances. And that's what makes what they do so much fun!

CAMP MIX is dedicated to meeting your simple needs with regard to providing you with the very best tasting seasoning blends, using only the highest quality ingredients.
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