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Williamson Lures

Williamson Lures
Legend has it that John Williamson, while growing up in Africa, loved fishing but didn't love his bait. One morning, while sitting in his boat, a glint caught his eye - it was the aluminum foil his sandwiches were wrapped in. He fashioned a rig using aluminum foil, cast it out, gave it a few jerks, and a King Mackerel latched onto it right away. From that day on, he began making similar lures in his dad's garage. This remarkable determination would help build the Williamson® brand.

Since that time, Williamson has become one of the world leaders in offshore trolling lures. The company continues to strive for quality and innovation, as demonstrated each year with cutting-edge product introductions.

When it's all on the line, make sure Williamson is on yours.

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