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Rainier Ballistics
Rainier Ballistics®, established in 1983, has grown to become one of the largest plated bullet producers in the world. The rapidly growing popularity of their bullets is due principally to three factors: their relatively low price, they result in essentially zero lead vapor emissions when shot, and their high degree of accuracy.

All Rainier Ballistics manufacturing is done in house and they believe this contributes to the high degree of quality of their bullets. They're dedicated solely to the manufacture of copper-plated bullets. Rainier Ballistics extrudes its own lead wire, swages its own bullet cores, does all of its own electroplating and now Restrikes, or re-swages, its bullet cores after they have been electroplated. Only Rainier Ballistics and CCI Speer® perform this second swaging step to their entire line of electroplated bullets. The result is a highly accurate, uniform and attractive bullet.

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