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The Chamber-View® product for shotguns is a solution to an age old problem by inventor Ned T. Bitsack, CEO of Chamber-View Company. While at a clay course, Bitsack noticed that he and the trapper were frequently checking the ejection port of his friend & business partner’s semi-auto shotgun to make sure the action was open. Bitsack knew there had to be a faster, nonverbal way to identify the firearms safe-worthiness and thus, an idea was born: the Chamber-View for shotguns.

A dentist by trade, Bitsack utilized his mechanical & dental engineering skills and materials to develop a unique type of chamber safety plug for semi-auto/pump type.

The initial prototype was made from foam and plastic. Today, Patent Pending Chamber-View products are made of 100% silicone. The long list of benefits include but is not limited to; long service life, flexible and resilient across a wide range of temperatures, won’t scratch surfaces, excellent sealing performance, inertness to wide range of fluids and chemicals and is water repellant.

Chamber-View, See Safety Fast

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