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Artex Knitting Mills

Artex Knitting Mills
Artex® Knitting Mills is a family-owned business that has been knitting fine products since 1926. It's one of the last great knitting mills in the USA. The company has survived the Great Depression, two World Wars, one Cold War, and the dawn of a new millennium.

Louis Gerbarg founded Artex in Philadelphia's Olde City, delivering quality trimming goods to the thriving Philadelphia apparel industry. Later, the factory moved to North Philadelphia and then West Conshohocken, Pennsylvania. In the 1960's and 1970's, Artex made high quality, attractive cotton and wool knit ties for brands all over the United States.

When fashions changed, they changed their goods - but not their values. Artex focused intensively on the growing market for knit hats and beanies. Today, American industry is facing a flood of low-cost goods from abroad, and Artex is facing the challenge with high quality, innovative styles, and great prices.
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