Snurfer The Nomad Green Snow Surfer Backyard Snowboard


Snurfer The Nomad Green Snow Surfer Backyard Snowboard

The highly anticipated Nomad is designed with considerably more flex for overall performance enhancement. The shallow V-tail combined with dual channel base grooves allow for a well-balanced ride with easy turn initiation and straight line stability. The Nomad will bring hours of un-plugged fun!

  • Backyard Series
  • Ideal for riders of all weights
  • Full board flex
  • Two EVA traction foot pads
  • 58" recycled Poly rope
  • Nose width: 10.1"
  • Tail width: 7.51"
  • Intended for recreational backyard use
  • Made in USA
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Surfing. Sledding. Put the two together and what do you get? Snurfing! The '70s sensation is back, opening up a new world of adventure. It's American ingenuity at its most awesome. Whether you're gliding down a slope in the backyard or carving turns on an untamed mountain, the Snurfer is redefining winter fun for everyone.

Forget the complicated gear. Snurfers are simple, durable and tons of fun. Each board is crafted from the finest maple available, right here in the USA. There are no metal rails or bindings to get in the way. Its a unique riding experience where balance meets pure enjoyment.
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Snurfer The Nomad Green Snow Surfer Backyard Snowboard

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