POC Iris 3P Snow Goggle

POC Iris 3P Snow Goggle

Iris 3P has the POC® Partially Polarized lens that is optimized to filter the excessive glare, while letting enough reflections through to distinguish snow from ice. Something no other polarized goggle lenses provide!

The lens is made of the NXT polymer that outperforms any other lens material and features all of POC’s top technologies, such as the patented HCD filter and a Photochromatic filter, for a tint that adapts to the light conditions.
  • 3P - POC Partially Polarized outer NXT lens
  • Cellulose propionate (CP) inner lens
  • Photochromatic filter for variable lens tint
  • HCD filter (High Chromatic Definition)
  • Anti-scratch and anti-fog treated
  • Hydrophobic and oleophobic treatments to help keep lens clean
  • Soft coated polyurethane (PU) frame
  • Triple-layer face foam
  • Silicone grip on inside of strap
  • Compatible with all new, regular sized Iris lenses
  • Size: Regular
  • Color: Uranium Black

Important lens compatibility update:

  • All POC goggles and lenses will be 1.8 mm thick, for most models this means enhanced durability and a more robust lens attachment. This also means an update of the lens attachment. POC's old frames and lenses are incompatible with new Iris X frames and lenses. All new lenses will have a + sign to ensure there is no confusion about whether you have an old or new version.
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POC® is a Swedish company built on a strong mission; to do everything they can to save lives and reduce consequences of accidents for gravity sports athletes by developing and renewing what personal protection is all about. POC works in a cross scientific way from their office in Saltsjöbaden outside of Stockholm. The organization involves competences from different fields such as engineers, material specialists, industrial and graphic designers, neurologists and back specialists.

All POC's products have been tested by top world gravity sport athletes and then further refined to perfection. Their athlete friends love to go flat out but without suffering cuts, bruises and headaches, or in the worst cases, risking back or brain damage as a result of a crash. The end result is a line of lightweight, high performance gear that offers the ultimate protection against injury thanks to superior impact-absorption and penetration-resistance.

When developing a product at POC, they do it in the spirit of doing the best. They never compromise in choosing materials or construction, and they never compromise safety, quality or performance.
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POC Iris 3P Snow Goggle

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