Sporten Ranger 68 Backcountry XC Ski - 17/18 Model


Sporten Ranger 68 Backcountry XC Ski - 17/18 Model

$219.00 $175.20

Backcountry skis fill the gap between classic cross-country skis and touring Nordic skis. Exceptionally light and perfectly firm, they cope with powder, frozen surfaces and hilly landscapes. Backcountry skis can easily switch from groomed track to untouched snow cover to get you there and back.

Cut out steel edges ensure perfect contact with terrain and improve turning and control of the the ride. The skis decelerate on icy surfaces and won't slip going uphill.

  • One pair of robust wide backcountry skis
  • Easily cope with deep snow and ice even when carrying heavier load
  • Lightweight, multi-layer, poplar wooden core
  • Steel edges aid control on frozen surface, especially downhill and extend skis' longevity
  • Binding sold separately
  • Sporten® recommended sizing (180cm): 172-198 lbs.

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Size / Weight Unisex
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The history of Sporten® skis dates back more than 100 years. Skis were handcrafted in small workshops in the Czech Highlands during those times and every pair was an indisputable original. Much has changed since then, but one thing has stayed the same throughout these years - the craftsmanship of the local people and their love of nature and skiing.

Today Sporten is a successful genuine Czech company with an unusually broad product range of cross-country skis, alpine skis and snowboards that are intended not only for their domestic market. Most of their skis are exported to to demanding markets in Scandinavia, the USA and Japan.

Sporten's philosophy is to produce high quality skis at an affordable price in order to make skiing more accessible and enjoyable.
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Sporten Ranger 68 Backcountry XC Ski - 17/18 Model

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Poplar core
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Cross country
Extruded base
180cm 68-60-65 Poplar core $219.00 $175.20