Scott Women’s Koko Alpine Ski Pole - 1 Pair - 14/15 Model


Scott Women’s Koko Alpine Ski Pole - 1 Pair - 14/15 Model

The Koko glitters with a fresh, exceptional design.
  • One pair of women's alpine ski poles
  • S2 aluminum alloy shaft rated to 45 000 PSI
  • P-Lite Grip engineered to blend ergonomic comfort with material durability
  • Slim parallel FX 24 strap with over-molded buckle
  • 3.6 disc basket blends aerodynamic efficiency and durability
  • Strong, hardened steel cone tip
  • Shaft diameter: 16mm
  • Basket diameter: 6cm

Product Features:

Recommended use Alpine skiing
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The sport of skiing was revolutionized in 1958 with a technical innovation from Ed Scott, a talented engineer and ski racer living in Sun Valley, Idaho. His invention of the first tapered aluminum ski pole immediately replaced the sport's existing use of bamboo and steel. This launched a new brand, Scott®, and fundamentally positioned Scott as a technical product leader in the skiing market. Ed Scott's initial vision of technical innovation would serve as the cornerstone company philosophy as the brand matured and expanded to new markets.

In the early 70s, Scott entered into the motocross industry, introduced the world's lightest ski boot and introduced one of the first ski goggles utilizing foam ventilation. The 80s and 90s saw the introduction of the aerodynamic bicycle handlebar, the Unishock Suspension, the Range snowboard, a line of outerwear and the Endorphin, Scott's first carbon mountain bike.

By 1998, Scott was producing skis and from there the company has continued to lead the way in the innovation and development of products to fit an active outdoor lifestyle. From gloves to helmets to skis to goggles, take Scott along on your next biking, motorsport or winter sport adventure. You won't be sorry.
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230967WHIT120 - Blue

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Scott Women’s Koko Alpine Ski Pole - 1 Pair - 14/15 Model
230967WHIT120 - Blue

SKU #:
UPC #:
Shaft material:
S2 aluminum alloy
Extendable range:
Fixed length - 120cm
Grip material:
P-Lite grip
Number of baskets:
One per pole
Recommended use:
Alpine skiing
Tip material:
Hardened steel
S2 aluminum alloy Fixed length - 120cm P-Lite grip $49.99