Hotronic FootWarmer S3 Custom Set


Hotronic FootWarmer S3 Custom Set

Hotronic's® S Series FootWarmer provides power when you need it most - out in the cold!

The S Series Custom Set is for installation in Hotronic’s Heat Ready Insoles or on custom insoles, orthotics, or insoles of one’s own choice.
  • Installs in all types of footwear
  • Transfers from one pair of footwear to another
  • Suggested use: Snowboarding, skiing, bicycling, horseback riding, any cold-temperature activity
S3 Custom Set includes:
  • Two S3 battery packs
  • Recharger
  • Two heating elements
  • One pair of self-adhesive covers and strips
  • Operating instructions and limited warranty card
S3 Battery Pack:
  • Three base level settings for comfort and warmth maintenance
  • Fourth timed setting, for extra blast of heat
  • Powered by high capacity, cold temperature operation, NiMH AA cells
  • NiMH cells have no memory; do not require fully discharging before fully recharging
Recharger Power Plus:
  • Compatible with all S, e, and m Series Battery Packs
  • Advanced charging technology senses when one or more batteries is fully charged and protects against overcharging
  • Global input range of 100V to 240V
  • Meets full standards and approval from US and Canadian ETL as well as European CE
  • LEDs indicate recharging mode and charge status
Heating Elements:
  • Easily install in Hotronic’s One Size Fits All Heat Ready Insoles, Semi Custom Heat Ready Insoles, or insoles of one’s own choice
  • Easily install on surface of insoles with self-adhesive layer
  • Provide effective anatomical coverage of toes with large oval shape
  • Flexible Stress Relief on plug facilitates plugging into and unplugging from Battery Pack - remains flexible down to subzero (°F) temperatures
Temperature / Duration*:
  • Setting 1: 84-98ºF / 14.5-17.75 hours
  • Setting 2: 107-121ºF / 5.5-7.75 hours
  • Setting 3: 122-138ºF / 3.5-5.7.5 hours
  • Setting 4: 158-173ºF / 2-3.5 hours
* Based on battery pack in ambient temperatures of -9° to +4°F; heating element in ambient temperatures of 68° to 79°F.
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Whether you are looking to maintain comfort and warmth in your feet or keep your boots, shoes, gloves, and mitten dry, Hotronic® has the solution to meet your needs.
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Hotronic FootWarmer S3 Custom Set

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