DryGuy Force Dry Shoe & Glove Dryer


DryGuy Force Dry Shoe & Glove Dryer

Whether you've traversed a sizeable stream on your last hike, been hit with a sudden torrential downpour on your last run, or you've just worked up a healthy sweat playing sports, trapped moisture can linger in your footwear for days and cause major discomfort on your next adventure.

Utilizing a gently heated air flow, the Force Dry Shoe and Glove Dryer safely eliminates unwanted wetness from your footwear in about an hour; restoring comfort and increasing the longevity of your gear!

  • Dries 1 pair of shoes, boots, or gloves in about an hour
  • Helps keep odor causing bacteria, fungus, and molds from forming
  • Durable, compact design
  • Safe for all types of footwear and gloves
  • Dry system: Forced air
  • Power: 120V AC household outlet, 240 Watts
  • Max. Temperature: 105°F / 40.5°C
  • Dimensions: : 8.75" x 10.5" x 4.5"
  • Weight: 3.25 lbs.
  • Manufacturer's 1 year warranty
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Do you work outdoors? Do you play hard in the snow? Have you ever faced the daunting prospect of sticking warm feet into footwear that is still wet from the last use?

The DryGuy™ patents and technologies were born from hands-on experiences - working outdoors, playing in the snow, and using wet footwear. In 1994 founder, Joel Beckett, set out to solve the problem of cold feet and hands. By applying lessons learned from 20 years in the aerospace industry, Joel discovered new ways to keep active people warm.

Today DryGuy is one of the country's leading suppliers of footwear and accessory dryers and thermal layering systems. Their products are designed to keep you at an optimum level of comfort - inside and out.
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DryGuy Force Dry Shoe & Glove Dryer

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