Marker Squire Schizo Alpine / Park & Pipe Ski Binding - 13/14 Model


Marker Squire Schizo Alpine / Park & Pipe Ski Binding - 13/14 Model

The Squire® Schizo™ is ideal for low to mid-range freeskiing skis, allowing the skier to transition from all mountain to pipe and park riding in a snap. The popular Schizo technology broke new ground, offering  the ability to move the stance fore / aft 3cm in each direction for the ultimate versatility. It allows the skier to go from pipe and park to all mountain skiing, or from hard, groomed snow to powder with the turn of a simple screw on the toe piece.
  • One pair of alpine / park & pipe ski bindings
  • Triple pivot elite toe system offers unique combination of light weight and solid power transmission
  • Compact design features a horizontally oriented spring
  • Stainless steel, height adjustable gliding AFD
  • Hollow linkage heel saves weight and maximizes power transmission
  • Dual-screw brake pad
  • Color: White / Green / Blue
  • Stand height without ski: 25mm

Product Features:

Recommended use Alpine / Park & Pipe
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Alpine winter sports as we know them today were still very much in their infancy some 50 years ago. Sports journalist and ski instructor Hannes Marker, concerned by injuries suffered by his eager students and other inexperienced skiers on the slopes of the Bavarian Alps, resolved to lessen the sport’s inherent risks. And in so doing, he founded the company Marker®. Marker determined that inadequately responsive skiing equipment represented the single biggest cause of injuries. His perfectionist, problem-solving approach and commitment to arduous work paid off.

He successfully developed a technique whereby the skier’s leg would automatically free itself from the toe-piece on a ski board once the pressure on the knee reached a critical point. At the 1952 Sporting Goods Trade Fair in Wiesbaden, it was with enormous pride in his own ingenuity that Hannes Marker presented his new binding - the Marker Duplex®. The occasion marked the beginning of a new era in winter sports - an era characterized by radical new developments in binding technologies and the ever-increasing popularity of skiing as both a professional sport and a recreational pastime.

In 2007, with the introduction of the Duke, Baron, Jester and Griffon, Marker took hold of the freeski market. From big mountain to pipe and park, Marker innovation continues its reign. You'll rule the mountain with Marker.
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Marker Squire Schizo Alpine / Park & Pipe Ski Binding - 13/14 Model

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65 -240 lbs.
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Alpine / Park & Pipe
90mm 3-11 65 -240 lbs. $269.00