North Water Rescue Stirrup

North Water Rescue Stirrup

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This Rescue Stirrup assists you back into your sea / touring kayak after you have capsized. It's essential for paddlers that do not know how to roll, are tired, or lack the upper body strength to lift back up onto the deck of the boat.

The 14' adjustable length provides a wide variety of attachment options for self-rescue and assisted rescues. Once attached, it creates a step to lift you into the re-entry position.
  • Built from high-visibility nylon webbing
  • Quick-slide adjustment buckle
  • Fast to wrap and store using adjustable bungee strap
  • Clip attaches it securely to deck lines or PFD
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North Water® designs and builds paddle sport products to promote safety, comfort, and organization.

They're located in Vancouver, British Columbia on the door step of some of the best paddling in the world. In this playground, they have spent most of their lives paddling, exploring, and often been shown that less can in fact be more. It is this philosophy they bring into the design of the products they offer.

By working with some of the world’s foremost experts in the paddle sports industry, the commercial marine environment and the swift water rescue industry, they're proud to be able to offer you innovative, high quality products.
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North Water Rescue Stirrup

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$31.95 $25.56