Harmony Acme Tornado T2000 Marine Safety Whistle


Harmony Acme Tornado T2000 Marine Safety Whistle

The world’s loudest whistle! Use the Harmony® Acme Tornado T2000 Whistle to signal for help or get attention when you're boating, biking, or backpacking. A simple blow on this compact whistle produces a loud, powerful sound that travels over long distances with clarity. The T2000 has three chambers: two ultra-high frequencies to cut through background noise and one low frequency for great distance.

The extra high frequency of the Tornado 2000 hits heights not reached by any other whistle. This high-pitch gives greater penetration creating a crescendo of sound that cuts through even the greatest crowd noise. An emergency whistle is necessary for safety on the water, but you can also carry the T2000 for peace-of-mind when you go for a hike or run in the woods.

  • S.O.L.A.S. approved
  • Durable, lightweight plastic construction
  • Small, key-ring loop attaches to accessory loop on your gear
  • Color: Orange
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As one of the leading brands under the Confluence Watersports Company® umbrella, the Harmony® brand has long stood as an innovative leader in paddlesport accessories.

From paddles to sprayskirts to flotation to safety gear, Harmony has the premium paddling gear every paddling enthusiast needs.
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Harmony Acme Tornado T2000 Marine Safety Whistle

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