Seminars & Activities

Women's Intro to Handguns

February 18 - March 23, 2018


Sunday, February 18 (Info Session)
Katahdin Seminar Room / 3pm–4:30pm

Sunday, February 25 (Info Session)
Katahdin Seminar Room / 3pm–4:30pm

Wednesday, March 7 (Info Session)
**This session is cancelled due to forecasted weather**
Katahdin Seminar Room / 6:30pm–8:00pm

Friday, March 23 (Info Session + Live Fire opportunity in Mobile Shooting Trailer*)
Katahdin Seminar Room & Outdoor Mobile Shooting Trailer / 3pm–5:30pm

This women-only forum is designed to offer women information on topics relating to handguns. The discussion will be moderated by women and will cover:

  • Firearm Safety
  • Firearm Types & Calibers
  • Needs Assessment
  • Firearm Selection
  • Related Accessories
  • Concealed Carry Alternative & Issues
  • Firearm Ranges & Opportunity to Shoot

A Q&A session will follow at the end of the session.

Natalie, Renee, and Beth

KTP Shooting Sports Associates, Renee, Beth and Natalie will present an overview of what occurs on a daily basis in the Shooting Sports Department from expressing an interest in purchasing a firearm for the first time to procedures and paperwork involved in a firearm purchase. NH Certified Instructor, Kimberly Morin, from the Women’s Defense League of New Hampshire will also be available to answer questions.

This is an information-only session; no certifications or legal information is provided.  Sign up will be limited to 24 participants to allow for an intimate atmosphere in which to ask questions that may not otherwise be asked on this often-intimidating subject. Pre-registration required.

*The Mobile Shooting Trailer will be onsite at KTP and available to the public on Friday, March 23. Those attending the previous sessions on Feb. 18 & 25 are welcome to also attend the live fire portion of the session on this date. Must be 21 years of age.

Attendees will receive a small gift bag and entry form for a FREE RAFFLE DRAWING held during the event.

To sign up for a seminar, please email, call 888-587-6246 or sign up in person at the Customer Service Counter.

In the event of cancellation due to inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances, a notice will be posted on and our facebook page. You may also call Kittery Trading Post at 888-587-6246.