Weekly Fishing Report 10/4/21

Fishing Conditions & Updates for Maine, New Hampshire & Massachusetts

Week of October 4, 2021

And just like that, our reports are coming to a close until ice fishing season begins. The next couple of months always offer some incredible fishing opportunities. Stripers are still making their way south and as many baitfish are falling out of the rivers, they are getting the attention of the bass. As long as the temperature doesn’t drop too fast and there aren’t too many big offshore storms, the stripers will hang around for a while. For those looking for freshwater opportunities, many states stock trout for fall and winter anglers, bass and crappie feed a lot in the fall, and lake trout and salmon will spawn soon. Everything is eating now to prepare for spawning or winter. There are a ton of very good fishing opportunities for those who want them. Thank you to all who contribute to the reports each week and especially to our readers. We will see you in January.


Greg Cutting at Jordan’s Store in Sebago told us that things had come to a screeching halt on Sebago. He says that there is still a ton of bait activity, so anyone who wants to catch a bunch of fish might want to get out there. “You can’t use live bait anymore, but with all the bait on the surface you should still be able to do pretty well. While you can’t keep salmon, you can keep lake trout year-round on Sebago,” he said. Greg says that the lake trout usually move up to spawn near the end of October. He says anyone who hasn’t put their boat away, or maybe kayak anglers, could have a lot of fun casting to lake trout.

Captain Tim Tower of the Bunny Clark in Ogunquit furnished the following report on their website from a recent trip: “The fishing was very good. There were a few dogfish but not enough to be a problem. There were no blue sharks. The weather was perfect for fishing. Without the dogfish, the fishing would have been excellent. The catching was very good. Landings were good to very good. Most legal fish landed were pollock, by far. The pollock were smaller today. Legal landings also included sixteen haddock, four redfish, a cusk and eight white hake. I think we have seen more white hake on the open bottom than we have in years. This is good as we haven't really found them where we normally do. Released fish included forty dogfish, two small cod, and a handful of small pollock. Drifting was the method. The current was too slow to anchor. Jigs and cod flies or just cod flies caught the most fish.”

“Ian couldn't tell who was high hook. There were three anglers who were jig fishing all day, together, any one of whom probably had the most legal fish. But they pooled their fish. It almost looked to me like Darlene Chin (VT) had the most fish. But she had a couple of bigger fish. In fact, Darlene caught the largest fish of the trip, a 12-pound pollock. She did not enter the boat pool. Robert Didonato (ME) won the boat pool for the largest fish with the second largest fish, a 10-pound pollock. He also caught the third largest fish, an 8.5-pound pollock.”

“Other Angler Highlights: Polly Phach (ME) caught the largest white hake at 8-pounds. Zack Hoober (NH) landed the hard luck award for not catching a single legal fish, the only angler to miss out on bringing some fish home.”


Tim from Tim Moore Outdoors closed out the lake trout season on Winnipesaukee with a bang, jigging 29 fish in a morning.

Full-time New Hampshire fishing guide Tim from Tim Moore Outdoors reported a great week and a great year on Lake Winnipesaukee. “This was my busiest year ever. The lake trout season ended in amazing fashion. I caught 29 fish in about three hours the day before the season ended,” he said. Now that salmon and lake trout season is over, Tim will be turning his attention to guiding for black crappie for the month of October. He says crappie fishing is probably the best of the year in October, as they school up and feed to prepare for winter. Tim recommends small (2.25-inch) plastics on 1/8-ounce jig heads drifted over 30-foot basins to get the job done. “You don’t even have to jig much either. Just drift and let the tail of your plastic swim,” he told us.

Dana Berry at Berry’s Bait in New Durham was busy transforming the shop to accommodate all the new ice fishing inventory. She said that when salmon and lake trout season ended, things slowed to a stop on the fishing front. She said they have a ton of new ice fishing inventory that has arrived, and more coming soon. Dana says that those who haven’t given up on fishing for hunting might want to try some local ponds for black crappie, as fall is a great time of year for them.

Mike Crouthamel at Wildlife Sport Outfitters in Manchester was down in Massachusetts trout fishing when we spoke to him. He says the state stocked a bunch of trout rivers and natural colored salmon eggs are doing the trick. He told us he had been out the previous evening with his kids, and they had a blast too. He says that the Three Rivers Stocking Association should be stocking their New Hampshire rivers very soon, providing fall and winter fly fishing opportunities. Mike says the bass fishermen are still catching well and should through the month of October. He says drop offs with jerk baits and crank baits that dive 8-10’ should work, as well as chatterbaits and spinnerbaits.

Captain Les Eastman at Eastman’s Docks in Seabrook furnished the following report on their website on 9/23: “On a roll, seems like spring again. Excellent with cod limits, lots of haddock, pollock and cusk. Weather looks incredible for a long stretch. We are sold out all weekend but plenty of room Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. LMA is running the all-day those days and chartered Thursday/Friday, while the LTAII will cover and also plenty of room Thursday and Friday.”


Pete Santini at Fishing Finatics in Everett told us that there are some big stripers being caught still. “Some of my guys went out and hammered stripers up to 45-inches being caught on Santini Tubes up along Long, Spectacle, and Rainsford Islands. These are fresh fish that just came in, they have sea lice on them,” he said. Pete says there are some great surface feeds in front of Winthrop and Deer Island Flats and you can’t go wrong fishing in front of the entrance to Boston Harbor. He says there are still some big bluefish kicking around. Pete also says that there are some big bluefin tuna on the northwest corner of Stellwagen Bank as well as some big pollock moving onto the bank as well. For freshwater news, Pete says they have stocked some good trout at Horn, Waldon, and Whites Ponds.

Martha at Surfland Bait and Tackle on Plum Island was happy to report a lot of blitzes along the beaches, sometimes lasting over an hour, in the past week. “They seemed to start just after dead low tide the fish would get pocketed inside the north side of the sand bar. Then, as the tide came in they would go over the bar down by us. They were chasing little peanut bunker,” she said. Martha says there were days when they were catching mostly slot fish, and other times when the fish were mostly small. She says the lures of choice were small topwater or 4” Al Gag’s Whipit Fish. She hopes the weather will hold and the action will last for a while.

Captain Randy Drago of Codfather Charters told us that there was still a ton of striper action around. “Still a million schoolies around! Absolute crazy surface feeds on the river. Off of plumb island is much larger bass. Grab some live bait if you eat those guys.”

Because of inherent time restrictions of gathering fresh, up-to-date information, editing & producing this report in a timely manner, occasional errors or marginal information may slip by us. We try our hardest to provide accurate information. We urge readers to use this report as a tool to increase their fishing pleasure and not to rely on as their sole resource. First or second-hand information is offered by fishing guides, commercial fishing charters or party boats, bait & tackle dealers, well-known successful anglers, and state & federal fisheries and natural resources enforcement officials. We also welcome and use reports forwarded to us by fishermen that use this report. - Kittery Trading Post Fishing Report Editor