Weekly Fishing Report 2/22/21

Fishing Conditions & Updates for Maine & New Hampshire

Week of February 22, 2021

Improving ice conditions and a high number of anglers on the ice is resulting in some great reporting. It seems like all species are hungry and cooperative for the most part. The lake trout in Sebago and Winnipesaukee are hungry as of late and often eating anything you throw at them, bass are feeding more now all over, panfish are hitting small tungsten jigs tipped with spikes, and the pike are biting better too.


Greg at Jordan’s Store in Sebago told us that the Sebago Lake Ice Fishing Derby was the previous weekend, and it was a busy one. “Usually derby weekend is slow fishing, but one of my friends caught 146 lake trout by himself in two days,” greg said. The lucky angler’s name is Lance Sistare. Greg tells us that many anglers are catching their lake trout jigging in 180-feet of water. Apparently, any jig head or lure heavy enough to get you to the bottom quickly and tipped with a piece of meat will catch right now. “If the fish you catch regurgitate alewives that they’ve eaten, you should put one on your hook and use it for bait,” he told us. With the derby, Greg said that reports from other waters were slim.

The folks at James Eddy Smelt Camps say they are still fishing, they had a busy week, and the fishing is good. They are still only fishing about half of their houses out on the outgoing tide. They do not expect to get any houses on the incoming tide this season.


Lake trout seem to be the target species lately. Photo courtesy of Tim Moore Outdoors.

Full-time New Hampshire fishing guide Tim from Tim Moore Outdoors reported a strong lake trout and white perch bite on Lake Winnipesaukee lately. “Obviously, some days are better than others, but overall, we have been having some great luck,” he told us. Tim says that he has been catching a fair number of fish in 30-feet of water using tip ups baited with live smelt. He says that some days it is a jig bite and others it’s all tip ups. The fish that are coming on jigs are hitting 1/8-ounce white or pink Clam Outdoors Blade Spoons, or 1/8 and 1/4-ounce gold Leech Flutter Spoons.

Lon Berry at Berry’s Bait located behind Johnsons Restaurant in New Durham says they had a mixed weekend. He said that Saturday was a good day for just about everyone and Sunday was a bust with bright sun and eventually high winds. He told us that the lake trout and white perch fishing on Lake Winnipesaukee has been very good overall though. “We’ve still got great ice conditions across much of Winnipesaukee and our local ponds have over a foot of ice,” he said. Lon says they are fully stocked with bait for the upcoming weekend and they are ready for more happy anglers. When asked about the hot lure of the week, Lon said that it was hard to tell with the way lures are flying off the shelves, but he did mention the Clam Blade Spoons and Northland Tackle Buckshot Rattle Spoons for lake trout and white perch on Winnipesaukee, and the Crazy Hick Ball Tail Grub has been good for panfish.

Mike Crouthamel at Wildlife Sport Outfitters in Manchester was finally recovered from a very busy derby weekend. “The fishing is really hot down here right now. I was expecting the derby to slow things down, but we are running out of bait faster than we can get it,” he said. Mike says Pawtuckaway Lake, Pleasant Lake in Deerfield, and Tower Hill Pond are all fishing well. He says that the Guide Special Lure company came out with a jigging spoon and they are catching just about everything that swims.

George Taylor at Taylor’s Trading post in Madbury reported a great week for him and his customers. “With the amount of fishermen, and the number of fish caught, it’s a wonder there are any fish left in the Bellamy Reservoir, but they just keep catching them,” he said. George noted the Bellamy as a great bass and black crappie spot. He noted that Swains, Baxter, and Bow Lake are all “perking” well. “Everyone is catching fish,” he told us. George says live bait has been hot in his shop but spoons and tungsten jigs are working well for panfish and bass.

Because of inherent time restrictions of gathering fresh, up-to-date information, editing & producing this report in a timely manner, occasional errors or marginal information may slip by us. We try our hardest to provide accurate information. We urge readers to use this report as a tool to increase their fishing pleasure and not to rely on as their sole resource. First or second hand information is offered by fishing guides, commercial fishing charters or party boats, bait & tackle dealers, well-known successful anglers and state & federal fisheries and natural resources enforcement officials. We also welcome and use reports forwarded to us by fishermen that use this report. - Kittery Trading Post Fishing Report Editor