Weekly Fishing Report

Fishing Conditions & Updates for Maine, New Hampshire & Massachusetts

Week of August 19, 2019

Shorter days and longer nights are cooling most waters across New England. Almost all accounts say that the fishing is picking up. There are lots of big striped bass being caught on live pogies along the coast, lake trout jigging continues to heat up, and salmon fishing is improving. It’s an exciting time of year for fishing, and for visiting our store. Septemberfest is just around the corner, and we’re getting ready! Also, if you want to learn (or learn more) about jigging lake trout, then you might want to attend Tim Moore’s Vertical Jigging Lake Trout seminar this Thursday night at 6:30pm in our Katahdin Seminar Room.


Dave Garcia at Naples Bait and Tackle in Naples told us that the local warmwater fishing has been very good. “I’ve heard of some really big white perch caught up on Lovewell Pond in Fryeburg. They were getting them drop shotting in about 12-feet of water.” He also says the crappie fishing at Parker Pond has been very good in the evening. Dave says drifting small shiners weighted with a small split shot is the ticket.

Greg at Jordan’s Store in Sebago says the salmon fishing is improving, and so is their size. “Some guys are fishing on the Big Bay side of Frye Island and they're catching a few salmon and lake trout”. He says the lakers are coming in 50-feet to 60-feet of water and 30-feet to 35-feet for the salmon. He says there is still a bit of bait out on the shoals. “The numbers of fish are picking up, which is a good sign, and the salmon have put on a couple of inches.” Greg says most of those fish should still be there in the spring.

Captain Tim Tower of the Bunny Clark furnished the following information from a recent trip, on their website: “The fishing conditions were not the best. The current was strong again and the dogfish were worse than ever. The few fishermen on the bow didn't have a big problem. But those fishing in the cockpit were tangled more than they should have been. So the conditions were good. That's high marks for the conditions and only because the weather was so humanly good. The catching and landings were very good, despite the dogs. Most legal fish landed were haddock, by far. They caught half as many pollock, the second most prevalent legal fish landed. The haddock cull was almost exactly two to one, or for every three haddock caught, two were of legal size to keep. Legal landings also included three cusk. Released fish included more than 150 dogfish (Ian lost track), eight cod of five pounds or more, a few small cod and a couple of small pollock. They had a few blue sharks plaguing the anglers. Three anglers were hooked up with them. Drifting was the method. All terminal gear worked well today.”


Don’t miss our Vertical Jigging Lake Trout seminar with Tim Moore this coming Thursday at 6:30pm! Photo: Tim Moore.

Full-time New Hampshire fishing guide Tim of Tim Moore Outdoors reported more great salmon fishing on Lake Winnipesaukee. “We have really been getting into the salmon good this past week. The fish are still down over 35-feet of water, but they are showing signs of that early fall feeding frenzy.” Tim says he is getting most of his salmon trolling yellow and orange streamer flies on leadcore line, and orange spoons on downriggers. He has been starting down 35-feet at first light and moves down as deep as 60-feet when the bite slows. He says the lake trout jigging has been good on Daddy Mac Nervous Minnows and ½-ounce Elite Ice jigs. The light tackle schoolie striper bite is still hot early in the mornings as well. Tim was excited for his upcoming seminar on Vertical Jigging for Lake Trout this coming Thursday at 6:30PM in the KTP Katahdin Seminar Room.

Jason at Suds N’ Soda Sports in Greenland told us that the striper fishing has been hot! He told us of a 44-inch and 48-inch striper caught by the son of local angler Scott Perkins, on a standup paddleboard! Jason says live pogies have been the go-to bait for most boat anglers catching big fish. A few anglers are still catching flounder in the creeks, but the reports have slowed. Squid on the other hand, is on fire right now. Jason recommends the New Castle and the Rt. 103 Bridge in Kittery Point. Streamer flies, such as the Golden Demon, Pumkinhead, and Firesmelt are doing well.

Alan Nute at A.J.’s Bait and Tackle in Meredith told us that the fishing remains good on Lake Winnipesaukee. “It’s a hot one, but the fishing is still decent. Everyone is still catching fish.” Alan says 35-feet to 45-feet early in the morning and as deep as 65-feet during the day is where most anglers are catching salmon and lake trout while trolling. He says the lake trout jig bite is still good. Hot trolling colors include Wonderbread, and yellow/orange.

The folks at Eastman’s Fleet in Seabrook have been having a great time on the haddock grounds. “Great three days of haddock fishing on the Lady Merrilee three all day trips!! Good on Friday, great on Saturday, and better than great on Sunday! Combine that with flat seas and great people, the only thing from a perfect 10 is we had to fight some tide from the full moon!! Still tons of Mack’s on the half day trips!! Still 15 days left till Labor Day!! Looking like it’s gonna be great fall fishing…let’s hope we get the great fall weather too!!”


Martha at Surfland Bait and Tackle on Plum Island reports some nice fish being caught. “We still have lots, and lots, and lots of pogies, which has brought in whales, tuna, and some nice stripers,” she said. Martha says they weighed in a 36-pounder that was caught on a Needlefish at low tide on the beach last Thursday. The boat anglers are still catching some nice fish using live and chunk pogies.

Because of inherent time restrictions of gathering fresh, up-to-date information, editing & producing this report in a timely manner, occasional errors or marginal information may slip by us. We try our hardest to provide accurate information. We urge readers to use this report as a tool to increase their fishing pleasure and not to rely on as their sole resource. First or second hand information is offered by fishing guides, commercial fishing charters or party boats, bait & tackle dealers, well-known successful anglers and state & federal fisheries and natural resources enforcement officials. We also welcome and use reports forwarded to us by fishermen that use this report. - Kittery Trading Post Fishing Report Editor