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Snowman Coloring Contest Winners


December 4-24, 2020

We had so much fun running the Snowman Coloring Contest! We had roughly 450 entries from ages 1 to 80+! 

ALL of the entries were so creative! There was glitter, cotton balls, jewels, kitchen seasonings, cloth, masks, sticks, and so many other neat items used on the snowman.  This made our decision of narrowing down each category to 1 winner just about impossible, but we have finally come to a decision! 

The winners of our Snowman Coloring Contest are…….

AGES 0 - 5:
WINNER: Alexander H. Age 3
– (above) Alexander’s glitter snowman with beaded carrot nose, REAL buttons, twig arms and flannel scarf/hat combo stole the show!  


AGES 6 - 10:
WINNER: Cole G. Age 10
– (above) Cole’s VERY sparkly snowman (unfortunately the sparkles don’t come across very well in photos) with fun-colored snowflakes was eye catching and so creative!


AGES 11 – 17:
WINNER: Norah Y. Age 12
– (above) Norah’s patterned snowman with VERY realistic wooden buttons must’ve taken a LONG time! What an original, fun idea!

AGES 18+:
WINNER: Kathy H. Age 60
– (above) Kathy’s crayon snowman was spectacular. All of the shading had us ooh-ing and ahh-ing (look at the carrot nose shadow!). Combine that with the beautiful color palate and we just had to choose hers as the winner!

Congratulations to all of our winners! And a giant THANK YOU to all who participated. This is the 2nd coloring contest we have run, and we don’t think we will be stopping any time soon.  It is so much fun seeing what you all come up with! 

Be on the lookout for our next coloring contest soon! 

Contest RULES: Calling all artists! Please color the snowman above using any medium your heart desires! Once your masterpiece is complete, fill out the contact section and bring it into our customer service desk. We will be selecting drawings in the following age categories to win KTP gift cards: 5 and under, 6-10, 11-17, and 18+! This is an all-ages contest. Good luck & may the most creative artists win! To be entered into the contest, artwork must be received by 12/24/20. Winners will be chosen by a panel of staff judges the week of January 4, 2021. All winners will be contacted via the information written on their drawing. We will also announce winners on our Facebook page,