Buck Bomb Pathfinder Reflective Trail Marking Paint


Buck Bomb Pathfinder Reflective Trail Marking Paint

Pathfinder is a revolutionary way to mark trails to your treestand, blind, honey hole, favorite fishing spot and more.

Simply spray Pathfinder on the trees you want to mark in short, quick strokes. Then wait for night and watch it shine in your flashlight! Pathfinder can't be seen in the daytime so there's no worry about someone finding your special spot.
  • Bright by Night™ - invisible by day, easily seen at night
  • Easy to use
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Will not harm trees
  • Less time consuming than conventional trail markers
  • Lasts for months then slowly fades away, leaving no trace
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Buck Bomb® exploded onto the scene in 2004 by creating a revolutionary scent dispersal system like no one else in the industry. Their small, easy-to-use, clever cans disperse the scent into the air with up to a half a mile of effectiveness. 

Buck Bomb was awarded Maurice Sporting Goods vendor for the year 2007-2009, and Buck Bomb products have appeared on the History Channel, Sportsman Channel, and ESPN.
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Buck Bomb Pathfinder Reflective Trail Marking Paint

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