Minnesota Trapline Duke #1 Longspring Trap


Minnesota Trapline Duke #1 Longspring Trap

This trap features a 3-9/16" inside jaw spread and a 4" outside jaw spread, an ideal trap for catching animals such as muskrats and minks.

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Minnesota Trapline Products, Inc.® was founded in October of 1978 by Tim and Nancy Caven. The company is a leading worldwide supplier of animal control traps, snares, trapping lures and baits, and trap line accessories. Their huge inventory also includes boots and waders, gloves and gauntlets, calls and callers, and a variety of hunting lures.

For thirty years, Minnesota Trapline has been a partner with their customers in improving their trap line, protecting their livestock and gardens, and increasing their enjoyment and success in the outdoors.
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Minnesota Trapline Duke #1 Longspring Trap

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