Trijicon Bright & Tough S&W 3-Dot Green Front & Rear Night Sight


Trijicon Bright & Tough S&W 3-Dot Green Front & Rear Night Sight

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Trijicon® Bright & Tough™ night sights are three-dot iron sights that increase night-fire shooting accuracy by as much as five times over conventional sights. Equally impressive, they do so with the same speed as instinctive shooting - and without the need for batteries.

Housed in a metal body and cushioned within silicone rubber, Bright & Tough night sights feature a unique shock-resistant design. Each lamp is capped with a sapphire jewel to help evenly distribute the light while protecting the lamp from solvents and puncture. Contained within aluminum cylinders for additional protection, the lamps are mounted on silicone rubber cushions to withstand shock and heavy recoil.
  • Self-luminous three-dot iron sight
  • Metal body housing
  • Silicone rubber cushion
  • Glass lamp filled with pressurized tritium gas glow bright at night
  • White rings around flowing dots for unequaled daytime visibility
  • Extra large front dot provides bright, distinctive sighting picture
  • Trijicon tritium-phosphor lamp provides superior illumination
  • Protective aluminum cylinders contain and protect tritium-gas filled lamps from heavy recoil and cleaning products
  • Sapphire window helps evenly distribute lights and protects from solvents and puncture
  • Shock-resistant
  • Green lamps are warranted for twelve years from the date of manufacture
  • Professional installation recommended
  • Fits Smith & Wesson®: M&P, SD9, and SD40
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Trijicon® has been one of the industry's leaders in the development of superior any-light aiming systems since the company’s founding in 1981. World-renowned for its innovative applications of tritium and advanced fiber-optics, Trijicon manufactures advanced riflescopes and sights for tactical and sporting applications.

Backed by a Limited-Lifetime Warranty, Trijicon’s aiming systems are proven on the range and in the field.  As a result, Trijicon has earned the trust of those who are most in need of aiming accuracy and dependability. The company is proud to count as their customers the United States Marine Corps, United States Army, United States Special Operations Forces, United States Government, and state and local Law Enforcement, just to name a few. 

In addition, Trijicon is fast becoming the preferred scope among dedicated hunters for all types of game, as well as shooting enthusiasts worldwide.
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Trijicon Bright & Tough S&W 3-Dot Green Front & Rear Night Sight

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$109.99 $99.99