Tipton Rifle Field Cleaning Kit


Tipton Rifle Field Cleaning Kit

$8.99 $4.00

Clean rifle calibers ranging from 22 - 338 cal. and then easily store the used product right back in the resealable packaging!

This kit is perfect for tossing into a hunting pack for emergency situations or for once a year cleaning of a firearm. No matter the situation, this compact package of essentials is what every shooter needs.

Kit includes: 

  • Coated steel cable with felt plugs for bore cleaning
  • Nylon brush with pick for stubborn fouling
  • Lint-free cloth for wiping down firearms
  • Pre-saturated oil wipe for metal protection
  • Lens cleaning wipe for scopes
  • Grease packet for lubrication of high-wear areas 
  • Disposable gloves
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Tipton® provides you with gun cleaning tools and supplies.

Cleaning and maintaining firearms is either a passion or a chore, depending on your perspective. In either case, the Tipton line of cleaning products is designed to make the job faster and more convenient. With more attention being paid to cleaning and maintaining firearms than ever before, there is clear need for tools and fixtures to enhance the cleaning process. Tipton is here to help!
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Tipton Rifle Field Cleaning Kit

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Brushes, jags included:
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22 - 338 cal.
Resealable package
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Yes 22 - 338 cal. Resealable package $8.99 $4.00