Swab-its 22 Cal. Handgun Cleaning Kit


Swab-its 22 Cal. Handgun Cleaning Kit

Protect what matters with Swab-its® 22 Cal. Handgun Cleaning Kit. Using lint-free and reusable tools combined with BREAKTHROUGH® Battle Born HP PRO, you can clean, maintain and preserve the guns relied upon the most.

Kit includes:

  • Swab-its 22 Cal. Bore-Sticks™ - 8.5" long caliber specific bore, cylinder and chamber cleaning tools
  • Swab-its 9-piece Multi-Surface Gun-tips® - four unique swabs designed to reach and clean triggers, bolts, and chambers
  • BREAKTHROUGH Clean Technologies Battle Born HP Pro (0.4 fl. oz.) - provides long-lasting corrosion protection and lubrication
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Swab-its 22 Cal. Handgun Cleaning Kit

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22 cal.
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