Kleen-Bore Multi-Section Universal 30 Saf-T-Clad Coated Rod Set


Kleen-Bore Multi-Section Universal 30" Saf-T-Clad Coated Rod Set

Saf-T-Clad® products are the result of a technological breakthrough involving epoxy  thermal setting resins. Resins are carefully applied in the U. S. on local, high-grade, solid-steel rods, and securely bonded with Kleen-Bore's Saf-T-Clad coating. This special process provides an unbelievably smooth surface the the ultimate in rifling and bore protection.

Saf-T Clad is an excellent choice for shooters who do a lot of cleaning and expect absolute precision from their equipment.

Set includes:
  • Five-section rod with black nylon muzzle guard
  • Handgun / rifle patch holder
  • Shotgun patch holder
  • Accessory adapter (22 - 45 cal., all gauges)
  • Compact, reusable clamshell case
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Innovative, superior products and unsurpassed customer service make Kleen-Bore® one of the industry’s most highly regarded companies. Kleen-Bore’s comprehensive line of gun care products is developed with careful attention to the changing needs of astute sportsmen, like you. Each product is designed to give your firearm a precise clean, while meeting quality standards of even the most discerning shooters.

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Kleen-Bore Multi-Section Universal 30" Saf-T-Clad Coated Rod Set

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Steel w/ Saf-T Clad coating
Universal 30" Steel w/ Saf-T Clad coating $23.99