Break-Free 4 oz. Lubricant / Preservative Liquid


Break-Free 4 oz. Lubricant / Preservative Liquid

This Lubricant / Preservative was originally developed for fully automatic cannons used by the U.S. military. BreakFree® has taken this technology and brought it to the consumer market. It's excellent for shooters of rapid fire automatic handguns and rifles, including law enforcement officers and all target shooters.

Consistent cyclic rates are maintained and gun actions operate smoother and easier even under adverse conditions and extended firing periods. It contains specially formulated polymerized synthetic oils for improved boundary film strength, plus multiple ingredients to reduce friction, stop build-up of foreign particles and inhibit rust and corrosion.
  • Squeeze bottle
  • Safe for all gunmetal and gunmetal finishes from blued steel to titanium as well as polymer composite firearms
  • Also prevents galling on stainless steel
  • Non-solvent formula minimizes drain off when firearm is holstered
  • Ideal for all firearms from semi-automatic to military / police assault weapons
  • Size: 4 fl. oz.
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Break-Free® is one of the leading manufacturers of synthetic-based cleaners, lubricants, and preservative compounds for military weapon maintenance, law enforcement, civilian firearms, high performance sports equipment, and industrial machinery.

Break-Free - Cleans, Lubricates & Protects.
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Break-Free 4 oz. Lubricant / Preservative Liquid

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4 fl. oz.
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