Quaker Boy Screamin Green Old Boss Hen Diaphragm Call


Quaker Boy Screamin' Green Old Boss Hen Diaphragm Call

The Quaker Boy® Screamin' Green Old Boss Hen™ Mouth Diaphragm gives a clean and crisp call.
  • Two light reeds, one with two side slits
  • Premium QB 2000 latex construction
  • Versatile call
  • Approx. size: 1.25" x 1.75"
  • Plastic storage case included
  • Made in USA
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Quaker Boy®, Inc. started as a hobby in the home of Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Kirby. A barber and beautician by trade, Richard (Dick) and Beverly had an extreme love of the outdoors. A demand for Dick Kirby's call creations led them to start Quaker Boy Game Calls.

The game call industry was in its infancy when the Kirby's started. They were overwhelmed by the giant game call manufacturers of the time, but Dick realized that, "The opportunity was there, and we went for it!"

The business began with Dick and Beverly working hand-in-hand with one common goal - to provide today's sportsman with the highest quality, most user-friendly and innovative equipment ever. Quaker Boy began with just a few employees, with each serving many job functions. Eventually, Dick and Beverly outgrew the many additions on their home to accommodate the growing business. The decision was made to build a 13,400 sq. ft. facility. Further growth required Quaker Boy, Inc. to start and run a full-time woodworking shop in Bradford, PA which encompassed another 13,000 sq. ft.

Surrounding themselves with men and women of integrity that shared the same passion for the outdoors, Dick and Beverly have applied unparalleled innovation and quality to the game call market.
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Quaker Boy Screamin' Green Old Boss Hen Diaphragm Call

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