Flambeau M.A.D. Double Standard Turkey Box Call


Flambeau M.A.D. Double Standard Turkey Box Call

The M.A.D.® Double Standard Box Call is just that. It allows the self-professed box call hunter to also use a pot and peg type call or vice versa. What works for one doesn't necessarily work for the other, but in this case it does.

M.A.D.'s popular box topped with a walnut paddle offers great turkey sounds from a conventional box call yet also allows the hunter different sounding yelps via a hickory strike and the resin inlay in the bottom of the box, creating those soft deal closing clucks and purrs. The best of both worlds.
  • Combines a traditional box and pot design into one call
  • Resin "belly strip" on box bottom (striker included)
  • Box call makes perfect high-pitched yelps and cutts at a high volume for distant birds
  • Mellow clucks, purrs and soft tree calls from the pot call
  • Made in the USA
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Over the years, Flambeau® Outdoors has created a turnkey internal product development capability that has enabled them to control every aspect of their development process from conceptual design to manufactured products. Through that process, they create a leading brand of decoy. Flambeau is the only major decoy brand that makes its own decoys in its own plant in North America.

Today, Flambeau products span every major hunting segment including waterfowl, deer, turkey, upland game, and predator. Within these segments, the Flambeau name is known by consumers for providing top-quality products with meaningful innovations. They uniquely combines decoys, game calls, accessories, game feeding, and weapons storage products and can provide you with the gear for every species and every season.

Flambeau Outdoors - Realism that gets results.
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Flambeau M.A.D. Double Standard Turkey Box Call

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