Buck Bomb Detonator Scent Dispenser


Buck Bomb Detonator Scent Dispenser

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Extend the effectiveness Buck Bomb® products with their equally innovative Detonator.

The Detonator is a 12" x 1" scent wick that rolls up inside a rugged canister. The canister features no-leak O-ring seals to prevent the leakage of your favorite scent, and the fuse comes with a small container of Doe In Estrus Urine called Igniter - the same urine used in Buck Bomb cans.

The Detonator is perfect for use with other Buck Bomb products as well. Simply spray Buck Bomb directly onto the wick or into the canister. The hanger cord allows you to hang The Detonator from a branch or low lying foliage. When the hunt is over, simply roll the wick inside the canister, saving it for your next hunt. The Detonator, Igniter, and Buck Bomb aerosol scent products are a lethal combination to attract and hold big game in your hunting location.
  • Boosts the performance of liquid scents
  • Compact and easy to use
  • No-leak O-ring seals eliminate the stink and the mess
  • Simple and reliable
  • Reflective tap
  • Igniter doe estrus included
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Buck Bomb® exploded onto the scene in 2004 by creating a revolutionary scent dispersal system like no one else in the industry. Their small, easy-to-use, clever cans disperse the scent into the air with up to a half a mile of effectiveness. 

Buck Bomb was awarded Maurice Sporting Goods vendor for the year 2007-2009, and Buck Bomb products have appeared on the History Channel, Sportsman Channel, and ESPN.
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Buck Bomb Detonator Scent Dispenser

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$11.99 $9.59