Dead Down Wind e2 ScentPrevent Powder


Dead Down Wind e2 ScentPrevent Powder

Scent control is a process. Having taken steps to make sure your clothing is scent free, you need to address your

Using Dead Down Wind® e2® products with ScentPrevent® technology not only eliminates existing odors, it is also instrumental in preventing odors from reforming - scent control and scent prevention.

Dead Down Wind's EsP® technology uses a combination of natural organic enzymes, skin nourishing ingredients like glycerin, and specific product formulations that keep on working well after you leave the shower.

  • Brushes off easily but keeps working
  • Prevents the production of human odor even in warm weather and during periods of physical exertion
  • Use in footwear, gloves, and clothing storage containers
  • For best results, use the full ScentPrevent system of laundry, body, and field products
  • Size: 4 oz.
  • Made in USA

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Dead Down Wind's™ focus has always been to produce the safest, most effective products possible by using science as their foundation. They are driven to develop products capable of eliminating the toughest and widest range of odors. From the beginning, Dead Down Wind™ has used real science and developed specific products to control the odors that matter.
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Dead Down Wind e2 ScentPrevent Powder

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