Dead Down Wind e2 ScentPrevent Bar Soap


Dead Down Wind e2 ScentPrevent Bar Soap

Scent control is a process. Having taken steps to make sure your clothing is scent free, you need to address your

Using Dead Down Wind® e2® products with ScentPrevent® technology not only eliminates existing odors, it is also instrumental in preventing odors from reforming - scent control and scent prevention.

Dead Down Wind's EsP® technology uses a combination of natural organic enzymes, skin nourishing ingredients like glycerin, and specific product formulations that keep on working well after you leave the shower.

  • Destroys and controls human odor
  • Glycerin and skin nourishing ingredients
  • Follow up with ScentPrevent Body Foam and ScentPrevent Antiperspirant 
  • Size: 3.75 oz.
  • Made in USA

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Dead Down Wind e2 ScentPrevent Bar Soap

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