Moultrie Camera Candy Apple Swig Deer Attractant


Moultrie Camera Candy Apple Swig Deer Attractant

Moultrie’s® Camera Candy formulas are designed to draw deer in and hold them there for the perfect shot. Apple Swig helps you attract trophy bucks and keep them coming back for days with field-tested ingredients infused with ripe-apple flavoring—a deadly whitetail attractant. An easy-to-pour 1-gallon size puts the power of an orchard anywhere on your property. Now attracting whitetails is easy! Just pour Apple Swig anywhere you want deer to congregate and let its enticing apple scent go to work.
  • Packed with the intense, irresistible aroma of ripe, orchard-fresh apple
  • Specially formulated to attract whitetails and encourage repeat visits
  • Intensifies feeding activity at established and newly created feed sites
  • Extra-large 1-gallon size—pour liberally on food sources, trails or the ground
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With an insight for innovation, continuous improvement, a commitment to excellence, and thirty years of experience, Moultrie® is driven to develop new and superior products year after year. Their products are reliable, durable, top performing, and affordable.  

Moultrie offers a full line of high-quality deer and wildlife feeders that are designed, tested, and used by hunters, game management professionals, and outdoor enthusiasts - people who know the importance of quality and reliability. And at Moultrie, customers come first. They know you take hunting seriously. That's why they provide you with great products, great warranties, and superior customer service.  

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Moultrie Camera Candy Apple Swig Deer Attractant

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