Dead Down Wind Evolve 3D ESP Field Spray


Dead Down Wind Evolve 3D ESP Field Spray

There is a wide range of odors hunters encounter or have to deal with that are not bacteria based like human odors. Some are gas, synthetic and fiber clothing odors - even tobacco, and campfire smoke. Dead Down Wind's® Evole® has a wider range of effective odor control than any other product or single process on the market today.

The Evole ScentPrevent® formula is Dead Down Wind's most advanced technology to date. It goes well beyond bacteria and the effective range of antimicrobials. Unlike others, is not an attempt to cover up or encapsulate.

Evolve3 uses a unique blend of enzymes and advanced formulation to help every hunter contend with a wider range of odors for unsurpassed performance. It's a more comprehensive solution.
  • Inverted technology allows the bottle to be held upside down
  • Leak-proof locking clip
  • For best results, use the full ScentPrevent system of laundry, body and field products
  • 12 fl. oz. and 32 fl. oz.: Trigger Spray
  • 64 fl. oz. bottle comes with 12 fl. oz. trigger spray bottle
  • Made in USA

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1312N - 32 fl. oz.

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Dead Down Wind Evolve 3D ESP Field Spray
1312N - 32 fl. oz.

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