Primos Predator Master Pak


Primos Predator Master Pak

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Randy Anderson and Primos® have designed the perfect all-in-one pack for predator hunting.

The TRUTH® Calling All Coyotes™ will help you learn Randy's unique style of calling in coyotes, using a combination of howl and distress calls.

Randy Anderson will teach you how to use all of his signature series calls. Primos has included the Hot Dog™ and the Ki-Yi™ so you can follow along and master Randy's unique techniques.

The Predator Master Pak includes the Ki-Yi Coyote Call, the Hot Dog Coyote Call, and The TRUTH 6 Calling All Coyotes DVD.

Ki-Yi Coyote Call:
  • Ki-Yi  name was derived from the sound an injured dog makes
  • Produces raspy distress calls of prey which appeals to predators
  • Removable mouthpiece for a wide variety of distress calls
  • Easy to use
Hot Dog Coyote Call:
  • Detachable mouthpiece for distinctly different distress calls
  • Large mouthpiece creates smooth sound
  • Horn adds rasp and volume
  • Super loud - makes a great locator call
  • Versatile enough to create distress calls of birds, cottontails, jackrabbits, pups, fawns, and deer
The TRUTH 6 Calling All Coyotes DVD:
  • Llots of hunts, laughs, tips, and three new hand calls introduces
  • This Ain't Hollywood, It's the TRUTH
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Primos® began with the gleam in the eye of a young boy in the 1950's who was fascinated with calling in ducks. Since then, Primos Hunting Calls has grown into a major force in the hunting industry.  

While many call companies specialize in making calls for one type of game species, Primos makes calls for every category of game species hunted in North America. They manufacture calls for elk, deer, turkey, predator, and waterfowl, as well as manufacturing clothing and accessories. They also produce the ever-popular video series, The TRUTH, and the television show, Primos' TRUTH About Hunting.  

New products are added to the line every year, and every year Primos maintains the hallmark that defines them: quality.
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Primos Predator Master Pak

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