M.A.D. Snort-Wheeze Deer Call


M.A.D. Snort-Wheeze Deer Call

The Snort Wheeze a very effective call in and around the rut. Bucks are also very territorial and if used correctly the dominant Snort Wheeze of another buck can bring those big boys running in.
  • Challenging snort-wheeze sound has gained significant popularity among deer hunters
  • Can be used to ward off unwanted deer or to get the attention of deer in the area
  • Understanding the Snort Wheeze mini DVD included - 26 minutes
  • Lanyard included
  • Length: 6"
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MAD® was originally founded by World Champion Turkey Caller, Mark A. Drury in 1993. The brand is one of the fastest growing in the hunting industry, based on the application of innovation and new technology to old hunting traditions.

MAD's consumer following is made up of hard core, passionate hunters who spend every working minute thinking and planning their next pursuit. These hunters want an edge, and MAD delivers with exciting products. Products that are developed and tested by experts.

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M.A.D. Snort-Wheeze Deer Call

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