Lynch Deer Grunt Call


Lynch Deer Grunt Call

This traditional grunt call makes doe bleats and low pitch buck grunts.  The adjustments are made by moving the internal O-ring up or down.
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In 1940, M.L. Lynch started his world famous turkey call company. He had many years to perfect the sounds of his call and even wrote a book about how to call and understanding the wild turkey language.  He later put this information in a recording and reproduced it on a 45 record for his fellow hunters.  

At the foundation of his company were three calls that say it all in the name he gave them. The Fool Proof makes realistic hen yelps with little effort or expertise from the user. The World Champion was just that, and it could make both the hen sounds on one side and the gobbler on the other. Then The Jet Slate was small and compact, but could make all of the hen calls like the purr, putt and yelp in perfect tone.  

The folks at Lynch® believe that hunting, in all of its forms, is an honorable part of the American outdoor heritage. Hunting is a sport - it teaches respect for game and the great values of freedom.
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Lynch Deer Grunt Call

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